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Guidance of people through an office building

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Video wall in the reception area
Our flexyPage displays are not only used in elevators, but also more and more often for welcoming at reception, for displaying room occupancy or as digital pin boards on the floors. The flexyPage Campaign content management system enables centralized management of content for all screens. 
In the past few weeks, our system has now been supplemented for the first time by a video wall (8 monitors 55") in the reception area of an office building. 
At the end of September, the installation of the entire system was completed and handed over to the customer. The system consists of the video wall in the reception area, our flexyPage LT-Line 32 displays in the elevators and various digital whiteboards on the floors. For the whiteboards, special fire load optimized monitors (65") are used to display digital signposts, pin boards and news. In the elevators, the occupancy of the departments on the individual floors and news are displayed, and the video wall in the reception area serves as an ideal marketing instrument to communicate the company's advertising messages to visitors, thus conveying a modern image. 
The content on all displays can be maintained by the customer himself, both locally in his own network and remotely by external service providers. The integrated flexyPage software is used in the elevators and the digital whiteboards. 
In the reception area, the wall panelling around the monitors of the video wall is currently being installed. The customer's marketing department is currently creating the content for the video wall and the digital whiteboards on the floors with support from our designers and external service providers. 
We are happy that we were able to realize this project together with our partners. 
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