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Inclined elevators

Position-dependent animations for bridging waiting times

The flexyPage multimedia displays for elevators can be used to show the travel of an elevator car in an inclined elevator in the form of an animated graphic. For example, hotel guests can watch on the elevator display how the elevator car travels from the hotel to the higher hotel restaurant and where the elevator is currently located on the route.

Tenant directories

Resident list on a flexyPage lift display

Present digital resident directory and exchange tenant information flexibly via the internet

flexyPage displays are ideal for use in an elevator car or as an outdoor screen in front of an elevator to provide tenants of a building with a modern and stylish way to list occupants by floor. This is particularly suitable for residential and office buildings, such as modern CoWorking spaces, where tenants change frequently because tenant information and flooring can be easily shared via the Internet.

Car position in tall buildings

Tower on a flexyPage lift display

Enhanced by the impressive combination of our stretched display and the animated position of the cabin

The flexyPage stretched displays with their special aspect ratios are particularly suitable for dynamically displaying the position of the car in a tall building, such as a TV tower.

Car elevator

displays for car lifts
flexyPage displays can also be used as an entry aid for car lifts. In order to indicate the correct position of a car in the elevator and thus to give the driver appropriate, visual feedback when entering the elevator, light barriers or network cameras with appropriate function can be used.
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