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Elevator maintenance

Viewing data on the last lift maintenance for building operators and caretakers

The flexyPage Multimedia Displays for elevators can be used as a floor display or as an outside display in front of an elevator to give operators, caretakers and tenants digital information about the last maintenance of the elevator. The additional maintenance data such as the number of trips or the operating hours of the elevator give operators and property managers a good overview of the condition of the elevator.
When using a flexyPage display with touch function, the maintenance data can be set on the display, for example, by a special button for the fitter, which is protected by a PIN code. Alternatively, the maintenance date of the elevator can also be set via a mechanical switch in the machine room or a key switch.
In this special application of flexyPage displays, a widget is used which stores the date and time during an elevator event. This can be used for maintenance as well as for other states, such as buttons on the screen or when the elevator is out of order.

Our small V-Line displays

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Maintenance information on our flexyPage V-Line display

Here you can see an example screen design that gives an overview of the maintenance of an elevator. The touch function makes it possible to switch between different levels. In this way, a small display (such as the flexyPage V-Line) can also contain multimedia and maintenance information.
Maintenance data of a lift on flexyPage display with touch