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Yes, flexyPage displays can be installed horizontally as well as vertically.

We only use displays matching the industry standard. They have a wide viewing angle (> 160°) in all directions. In addition we offer anti-glare plexiglass and safety glass for protection. This way the displayed content can be viewed well from all sides. 

The displays are communicating with the I/O-modules via CAN-open messages, which are defined in the CAN-open Lift standard. The modules of all manufacturers supporting this standard can be used. On the market, these modules are offered with 8, 16 or 32 I/Os and some of them can also be extended with more I/Os. 

If you like to link more than one display, you only have to connect the CAN-bus and LAN interfaces of the displays. Than you can setup the widgets on the displays in the way you needed for your application. The connected displays act like a single display. 

Yes, you can use the flexyPage displays in all existing elevators also if the elevator dosen't support the CANopen-Lift standard. 

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