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Smart COP display

Through the connections for the components in the cabin panel, the flexyPage displays are particularly suitable as smart COP displays. In many cases, the call buttons and door buttons can be directly connected to the smart displays. Get to know the functional capabilities of our smart COP displays.

More than just standard

In addition to floor position and direction indicator, special texts such as fire alarm, door status or out of service, as well as multimedia content in the form of videos, slideshows and websites, RSS feeds or advertising campaigns can be displayed with our content management system flexyPage Campaign.

Barrier-free emergency call included

If you require a barrier-free two-sense emergency call, you can also equip the display with our flexyPage Messenger. This innovative function enables a second communication channel in addition to the conventional emergency call device.

More information on the two-sense emergency

Computer Vision and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

If your COP is equipped with a camera, we can use the integrated artificial intelligence of the flexyPage displays to recognize certain objects in the elevator cabin.

Learn more about computer vision in elevators

Individual screen designs for your COP display (aft)

Individually according to your requirements

Our flexyPage displays are available in a variety of different sizes and versions. In addition to conventional sizes such as 7 and 10.1 inches, our 15.6, 18.5 inch, and stretched displays are also suitable for installation in a COP. Furthermore, our flexible system allows for unlimited design possibilities and the display can also be customized to your corporate design.

Learn more about custom screen designs

Even smarter with additional widgets!

Optionally, we also offer a wide range of additional widgets that can be displayed on the smart COP display.
This allows you to customize the display according to your requirements.
Here is a small selection of possible extensions for your smart COP display:

fP Messenger

fP Messenger widget

for two-sense communication

fP Campaign | CMS

fP Campaign widget

for advertising

Computer Vision für Ihren Aufzug

Computer vision widget

for your individual application

fP Messenger


for visualizing energy consumption




for emergency release




for example for unlocking individual floors.



Here you can find an overview of all the widgets!


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