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Floor indicator, arrows, special texts and voice announcement

The floor indicators (inside and outside the elevator) can be designed individually. So that it matches the whole appearance of the elevator or building, which makes it looks modern and inviting.

Etagenannzeigen, Richtungspfeile

Displaying arrows

On the flexyPage displays different types  of arrow indicators can be displayed according to the requirements:

  • Direction indicators
  • Moving direction indicators
  • Hall lantern indicators

Special texts

Also special texts (for examples: Out of order, overload, lift in maintenance, special ride, VIP ride, bed transport, case of fire, fire brigade service, chemistry ride, roboter ride, entrapment of persons, mind the step, emergency power) can be displayed easily. These can be additional connected with symbols or information like an escape and rescue plan.


Voice announcement

Furthermore flexyPage displays offers function of voice announcement. Besides the announcement of floor indication, it can inform the passenger about the door status or special texts. Our displays can announce any information you prefer.