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flexyPage Editor

Web based configuration of multimedia displays with the flexyPage Editor

Configuring the lift display via your smartphone

Web based configuration

flexyPage displays are equipped with the flexyPage Editor an integrated web based configuration tool. This way you only need a current web browser and a laptop, tablet or smartphone to adapt layout, content or interface parameters. 

Thanks to the configuration via internet, adaptations are quick and thus time consuming ways to change a USB flash drive are not necessary anymore.

standard design for flexyPage lift displays

Intuitive use with drag and drop

To add functions, you simply choose the desired widgets from the integrated library and place them on the display area via drag and drop.

To get a quick start, you can choose from the provided standard layouts and adapt the colours and text and upload pictures, videos and graphics. You can see the result right away.

When changing and adapting the layout, there are many functions to make your work easier, such as a grid, which can be adapted in size to arrange the widgets on the display 'sticking' to the grid.

flexyPage web editor for lift displays in russian

Matching your needs

For convenient operation, the web editor interface naturally also offers different languages. For some elements such as the call buttons, different visualisations for various conditions can be set (neutral / acknowledged). Every single element can be adapted in size, border and background colour, transparency, margin, font and font size.

Safety through access control

The needed safety according to industry standards for remote configuration is ensured by a safe VPN connection and an integrated access control system, which allows to assign different rights to different users of the system such as administrator, technician, designer or content provider.


Video tutorial

How to start and set up your flexyPage display with the flexyPage Editor

This tutorial explains in a few minutes how to start up your flexyPage display for the first time and how to adapt it to the requirements of your building with just a few clicks.