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Displays for hotels

flexyPage lift display for hotels


Lifts in hotels have to satisfy high demands. They have to be fast, quiet and reliable, protect from unauthorised access and are supposed to match style and elegance of the building. With flexyPage displays your lift can satisfy these demands. Take advantage of large TFT-displays to help your guests’ orientation in the building and inform them about special services offered. Our displays can be adapted to your needs and wishes.

Underline the atmosphere and corporate identity

Communicate your hotel‘s brand

Vacations are a very special time of the year everyone is waiting for. Therefore your hotel‘s perception should feel as special as the vacation itself. Communicate your very own customer experience matching your company's philosophy. Visual compositions can be achieved by using the option of uploading background pictures - for the whole display and combined with separate backgrounds for every single widget. The DiaShow[basic] widget is also a great option to represent your hotel.

Present available activities on your display

Got a bunch of activity offers?

Going on vacation is like going on an adventure. Your visitors discover a variety of food, sports and the peculiarities of the region. Help them while pointing out the best offers of the week or must-see places and events to make their vacation unforgettable! Use a combination of diashow[basic] widgets to configure this option, or the FloorInfo[v2] if you like to match the information with different floors of your building.

Clear list of floors

Navigate through your hotel

With a neat listing of the floors and the rooms and offers to be found there you provide your guests the chance to quickly find their way around the building and make it easier for them to explore e.g. chill-out areas or all of your services. The widgets CarCall[floor] and CarCall[resident] can be used for description as well as alternative buttons. Access restrictions to certain areas via PIN code are also possible.

Our display recommendations for hotels

Hotels often offer a variety of services to guests and conference attendees such as a bar, a restaurant, sometimes a wellness area or even a fitness center. Large TFT displays in the lifts and in the waiting areas in front of them are very well suited to inform the guests about those offers in a modern way. Thanks to the web based configuration interface of flexyPage displays the information can easily be adapted to the varying selection of choices.

Sample designs for hotels