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Digital windows with position dependent videos

The application 'digital window' in an elevator is realized when a video is displayed depending on the position and the speed of the elevator car. This creates the impression that you are looking out of a window while driving a lift.

digital window in an elevator

Position-dependent video in an elevator

Again and again, there is a desire to present a video in an elevator depending on the position and the speed of the elevator cabin and thus to realize the simulation of a 'digital window'. The flexyPage video controllers provide this functionality.
After loading the desired video into the video controller e.g. via WiFi, it is converted and indexed after a learning trip to the top and bottom floor in a special procedure. Afterwards, the video will be displayed on the screen in real time depending on the position, direction of travel and speed of the elevator. This creates the impression of a 'digital window' for the elevator user.
elevator position sensor

Sensor data

To determine the current position and speed of the elevator car, special position sensors are used which can reliably deliver the data even at high delivery heights and speeds. These sensors can also be retrofitted to an elevator.

flexyPage boxed v4 controller

flexyPage controller

The flexyPage controller evaluates the position data of an elevator every 10 ms, calculates the direction of travel, speed and absolute position of the car and provides this data in real time to the video controllers as a basis for selecting the right video frame. The sensor data can be picked up by the flexyPage controller from the elevator system or evaluated by own position sensors, e.g. for retrofitting, regardless of the elevator system used.

flexypage Video controller für digitales Fenster

Video controller

The video controller provides a web interface for uploading a video. After uploading a new video, the controller converts and indexes the video in a special process that then allows access and presentation to a specific video frame in real time. It is also possible to use in an elevator a plurality of video controllers and displays, e.g. allow the view in different directions.


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In most cases, a procedure is used in elevators in which only one fixed video is played depending on the direction of travel during a journey. The elevators then always move between two floors, e.g. at an observation tower the drive from the entrance to the visitor's terrace. A stop in an intermediate stop is therefore not possible.
The flexyPage system calculates in real time the current position of the elevator and always displays the corresponding frame of a video. A 'swing' in the standing elevator thus also leads to a 'swing in the digital window'. This makes the flexyPage system a unique selling proposition.


Examples of "digital windows" in elevators

Digital window in an elevator car

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"Digital window" at the Cocoon Hotel in Munich

Real display of the video depending on the position and speed of the elevator car at 3 digital windows.