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Digital Signage at train stations

Train stations are important nodes in everyday life, where a constant exchange of information takes place. The flexyPage displays are used for this exchange of information. Whether inside or in front of the elevator, on the platform, in trains and buses, or station passages, flexyPage displays are used everywhere. The demanding use and 24/7 continuous operation require powerful displays. With their flexibility and robust hardware, they meet the challenges posed by the transportation industry.

TFT displays for train station

In or outside the elevator

At train stations in or outside of elevators, flexyPage displays serve as a display of classic elevator content, such as floor level, arrows, and special texts. In addition, there is enough space for further content, such as departure times from the platform to which the elevator is going, guidance systems, or advertising. All this content can be displayed triggered by so-called "events''. Thus, for example, the communication of maintenance work can be set well in advance.

Digital Signage for transport sector

On trains or buses

The robust flexyPage displays were developed to withstand certain conditions, such as vibrations and shocks, and to be very low-maintenance. Due to these technical features, the special formats (e.g. the stretched format) and their software flexibility, flexyPage displays are also used in trains, streetcars or buses. Here they can be used as a classic "next stop" display or as an advertising/information platform.

Digital signage and advertising

At the platform

At platforms/tracks, the flexyPage displays are used to inform passengers about coming trains. The brightness of the long-life LEDs ensures good visibility.

Display with touch function

At station passages

Due to their different sizes and the CMS flexyPage Campaign, flexyPage displays are also suitable as elevator-independent digital signage. At station passages, the displays can provide an overview of departure times, display advertising, or serve as a wayfinding system. Due to their touch function, flexyPage displays can be used as interactive info screens or as kiosk terminals.


Emergency call system for transport sector

Hearing impaired emergency call in elevators

Barrier-free options must be available in public spaces. This accessibility should also be given for an emergency call in an elevator. With our flexyPage Messenger, we offer the solution to equip elevators with a visual second communication channel for trapped persons with a hearing impairment.

With the possibility to select languages, flexyPage Messenger helps not only persons with a hearing impairment but also foreign speakers.

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