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5 ways to create customer experience for elevator users – with flexyPage displays

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The customer experience is becoming more important. With the smart technology of flexyPage displays, you can inform and entertain waiting elevator users in many ways. Here is a look at 5 ways to create experiences for elevator users.

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The digital information age: challenges and opportunities in creating customer experiences in the elevator industry

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In the course of the digital transformation, not only the form of communication between companies and customers is changing, but also the way in which customers experience products and brands. In the elevator industry, the digital transformation is clearly noticeable...

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The company behind flexyPage - ELFIN Technology

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ELFIN was established in 2012 in Cologne, Germany, becoming one the of the leading innovators of cross-linking in the elevator industry. The company is specialized in web technologies and open CAN-based cross-linking of controllers, sensors and actors, as well as digital signage.

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Getting ready for the Interlift 2017

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Only a few months remain until the leading international trade fair Interlift will take place in Augsburg and our team is busy in making all important preparations. This year, many new features await you at flexyPage! The flexyPage displays will be exhibited at their own booth this year. Also, you will learn about our company and about our services for lifts apart from flexyPage.

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Look back on the 15th Schwelmer Symposium

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Around 150 visitors came to Hotel Vesper in Sprockhövel on June 26th and 27th to participate in the annual Schwelmer Symposium. The established event is known for qualified lectures and forward-looking impulses all around lifts. With about 21 speakers there was much to learn and to discuss. With four lectures on the subject of digitalization and one on the possibilities of using HoloLens, became apparent that ‘modern technology’ really is the central theme of the event. The basis of digitalization are digital and networked systems.

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Guest lecture by Jörg Hellmich at the Schwelmer Symposium on June 27th

Opportunities and challenges in the linking of lifts

On the 26th and 27th of June, experts meet again to discuss current issues in the lift industry such as standards and occupational safety regulations. ELFIN will be attending this year’s Symposium as well. On the second day of the event, the 27th of June, Jörg Hellmich is going to talk about the opportunities and challenges in the linking of lifts.

 Also, the flexyPage displays will be shown as part of the accompanying product exhibition.

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Digital Out-of-Home Advertising in the Lift Industry

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Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), is currently experiencing a rapid development and is in more demand than ever. It has already overtaken some of the subsegments of classic Out-of-Home Advertising. According to the latest Nielsen figures, the German DOOH spending in advertising rose to 46% in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the last year. At the same time, expenditures on traditional Out-of-Home Advertising decreased by 4%. Various types of digital media are also gaining more and more importance internationally.

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