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Working from home

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In Corona times, the creation and configuration of screenings for multimedia displays in elevators is very helpful and even if the first relaxations are now decided, keeping a distance remains a sensible measure until a vaccine has been found. The flexyPage displays support you in this.  Read more about Working from home

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New LT-Line 46 display for elevator applications

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The demand for ever larger displays in elevators continues. We have therefore extended our product range with a new display with a screen diagonal of 117 cm (46").
The Open-Frame Display LT-Line 46 can be used like all LT-Line displays in the elevator car and on the floors, in new buildings as well as in modernizations.
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Communication of the current rules of conduct because of Covid-19 in your elevator

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The current rules of conduct must also be observed in elevators. Recent experience shows that these are quickly changed and adapted in response to current events. It is therefore important to ensure up-to-date and rapid action so that information can be passed on in real-time.

With our flexyPage system, you can easily exchange this information from your office room or home office without meeting people. Our displays can also be used as digital signage regardless of elevators.

Here are some examples of screen designs with information about the rules of conduct. Read more about Communication of the current rules of conduct because of Covid-19 in your elevator

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