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Our review of the Heilbronn Lift Conference 2017

On 07th - 08th march, aprox. 300 participants met on the Heilbronn Lift Conference. The interesting presentations took place relating to this year's theme "The Elevator - a safe place".

Mr. Hellmich of the ELFIN GmbH presented the new product lines of the flexyPage elevator display. The visitors were highly interested in the possibility to configure the displays’ multimedia content via the internet. The new touch displays of the DM Line and CEF Line received also very positive feedback as well as many suggestions for new features.

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Visit ELFIN on the 34th Heilbronn Lift Conference

On 7th - 8th March, ELFIN GmbH will again be represented at the accompanying exhibition of the Heilbronn Lift Conference. As with the product launch in Schwelm, we will present our new product lines CEF-Line and DM-Line. We look forward to the many interesting conversations.

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A review of the product presentation in Schwelm

On January 31, 2017, ELFIN hold a product exhibition in cooperation with SafeLine Germany. Despite invitations on short notice, several companies were able to get a away from day-to-day business and had a look at the presented innovations.

We would like to thank you for the consistently positive feedback from visitors. For those unable to participate, there is the possibility to convince yourself of the new flexyPage products in March. We are looking forward to meeting you at the Heilbronn Lift Conference.

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Product presentation in Schwelm, January 2017

ELFIN will hold an exhibition together with SafeLine Germany with the aim to present all current products. Lift Manufacturers, specialist planners and lift system operators are invited to come and meet with us in Schwelm on 31th of January 2017.

More event details and a registration form can be found here 'Product presentation in Schwelm'

 Produktausstellung 2017

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New visualisation capabilities in conjunction with interconnected position and speed widgets

Jörg Hellmich's picture

Today, sensors for the measurement of the absolute car position are standard features of a modern lift system. The sensors are used to accomplish the lift cabins millimetric hold.

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Modern lift-technic - The Schwelm Symposium 2016

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Along the lines “modern lift-technic” the Schwelm symposium took place for the 14th time. Many exciting  lectures were held on the many current issues in the industry once again. Many product manufacturers took the opportunity to present their innovations on the accompanying trade exhibition. This is where also our LT- and TME3-Line flexyPage displays with their newest widgets were shown.

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The usage of touch screens in lifts

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When facing the rapid development of modern TFT screens in the lift industry it quickly becomes clear, that this is not just a passing trend, but the future. The use of screens in lifts does not only look impressive, but also brings many technical advantages. More and more often multifunction screens are utilized across-the-board. They can be found not only in the industrial sector anymore, but rather in households. The touch technology makes screens a flexible input device and allows interaction with the user.  It therefore makes sense to use touch screens in lifts, both in car and floor panel. Therefore the interested users’ question of the technology’s advantages and disadvantages raises.

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flexyPage at the Schwelm Symposium 2016

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For the 14th time new products and developments in the industry will be presented at the Schwelm symposium. This year’s event will take place on the 13th and 14th June in 2016. During the event specialists will give interesting lectures on the main theme of “modern technology in the lift”, which will be accompanied by a technical exhibition.

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