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Destination dispatch displays

More and more often destination dispatch systems can be found in modern elevators. Especially in buildings with a high user traffic, the use of destination dispatch systems offers a lot of advantages.

flexyPage touch display for destination dispatch systems

Touch displays for destination input

The flexyPage touch displays of the DM-Line can be used in front of elevators for the input of destination calls in the floors of a building. The elevator users select the desired destination floor via the touch display before entering the elevator. The destination call system then visually or acoustically assigns passengers elevators for the quickest route to the appropriate floor.

flexyPage stretched display horizontally

Smoother traffic and passenger flows in front of elevators

As part of the building's infrastructure, destination call systems guarantee smoother traffic and passenger flows due to an accurate scheduling of individual passenger journeys based on entered destination calls. As a consequence, fewer intermediate stops are required and destination floors are reached faster.

Text of a destination call system for elvators

Optimized elevator utilization

Unlike collective controllers, which aim to pick up elevator users as quickly as possible, destination systems are designed to get passengers to the desired floor via the quickest route. This ensures an optimized elevator utilization.

Floor level and travel direction of an elevator

Increased driving comfort

Elevator destination call systems increase the driving comfort of the elevator users in multiple ways. Due to a better distribution of passengers to the individual elevators, areas around and in the elevators are less crowded, destination floors are reached faster and the travel time is reduced.

User interface desktop flexyPage Editor

Intuitive user interface

The intuitive user interface of the flexyPage elevator displays and the flexible configuration options with the flexyPage Editor guarantee an easy operation and use of all existing functions on the touch display. This ensures optimized communication between the user and the elevator.


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