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Partner Sites

In this wiki you can find more information about the CANopen-Lift standard. This site is kept up by the CANopen-Lift community, the members of the 'Special Interest Group Lift' and the 'Marketing Group Lift'. You can also provide content yourself or discuss various topics.


CiA is an international, non-profit users' and manufacturers' group. They provide a platform for further development of various open CAN protocols. On this site you can find general information about CiA, memberships, trainings and events as well as technical information and some documents for download.


flexyPage is a product of ELFIN GmbH. Here you can find further information about other products and services as well as general information under the topic of lifts in our blog and an overview of our Team and contact persons.


NeXt group e.V. provide an unbiased platform for developments of standardized components and interfaces – for lifts and escalators – and promote the image of standardized interfaces. It is a non-profitable industrial consortium, working for open standards and open source projects in the international lift and escalator business. Not only interfaces needs to be standardized, also hardware and software should and could be.


Sales Partner

The flexyPage-technology is interesting for many types of use and often requires special design types and the integration in systems or components. You can buy flexyPage technology via several sales partners, which offer special adjustments and can therefore offer monitors with different technical specifications in various design types and which will support you if there are any questions. 


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