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Stretched Displays

Our stretched displays are the next generation of multimedia displays in the elevator.


stretched displays horizontal and vertical
Screendesign Panorama Display front view

The next generation multimedia display

With this exceptional format and aspect ratio of 5:1, 10:3, 16:3 or 32:9 the panorama is the next generation multimedia display in the elevator industry. This is a special design in the for which there are only a few application areas in the industry, but these are ideal for the elevator.

stretched display with touch for elevator

Revolutionary format for a revolutionary development

The extremely narrow panoramic displays can be installed in places where there is no room for normal multimedia displays. The special design makes perfect use of the space in the slots of the cabin and can also be integrated vertically into the door frame. When the display is installed in the cabin, it meets the EN81 standard for the height arrangement of the elements without requiring a second display. 

panorama display screendesign side angle

New experiences with elevator use

Horizontally mounted above the elevator doors, the panorama display can be used impressively for the information and entertainment of the passengers. The ultimate aspect ratio enhances the buildings spatial expansion feeling, is striking and makes exciting screen designs possible. In addition to elevator information, live stream video

Product datasheet

You can find all technical details of the LT-Line displays in the product datasheet.

Link to product datasheet>>


Available sizes

Display size 38,4 cm (15,1")
73,0 cm (29,0")
94,0 cm (38,0")
Housing dimensions (HxWxD) 398 x 131 x 49 mm 754 x 250 x 45 mm 944 x 302 x 48 mm
Resolution 1280 x 248 px 1920 x 540 Pixel 1920 x 540 Pixel
Viewing angle v  178° / h 178° v  178° / h 178° v  178° / h 178°
Technical documentation PDF PDF PDF

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Tender Specifications

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