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Touch displays for elevator calls

Due to the direct connection to the elevator control, flexyPage displays can also be used for the call input of elevators. The call buttons can be configured to send internal calls, external calls, priority calls with different priority levels, access control via a PIN entry or various special calls. These functions are available on all touch displays of the DM-Line.

special transport

Sending calls to the lift controller

These calls can be sent to the controller inside and outside the elevator car. In addition, priority journey or special journey, such as bed transport can be triggered with them.

Destination dispatch for elevators

Destination dispatch

In addition to the standard calls, the flexyPage displays also offer a destination dispatch for your elevator system.


Secure floors

For every button a PIN code can be introduced. It may consist of 3 to 6 digits and can be set in the web editor in the submenu of every button. With this feature you can secure any floor of your building.