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V-Line displays

The (touch-) displays of the V-Line were developed for rear panel mounting. In combination with a metal frame they are also suitable for front mounting.

V-Line elevator touch displays 7 inch and 10.1 inch
Access control for elevators

No key switch, 10-position keyboard or card reader

Did you know that the flexyPage displays of the V-Line with the PIN Pad function offer easy access control? You can protect floors with a PIN code and thus do without standard key switches, keypads or card readers. In addition, the digital PIN pad is a smart and more cost-effective alternative. In addition to locking floors, you can also trigger priority trips, such as priority trips in hospitals, with the PIN pad function.

display mouting option

An intelligent solution for modernizations

The V-Line of flexyPage elevator displays requires only minimal space thanks to the low installation depth. In combination with a special metal frame, the multimedia display can also be mounted quickly and easily in front. Click here to learn more about the installation options of the flexyPage displays.

V-Line terminals


from left to right:

  1. Battery for emergency power operation
  2. Power supply 12-24 VDC
  3. High-speed CAN interface
  4. Switch for Option + CAN termination
  5. Speaker terminal
  6. four discrete inputs 24 VDC galvanically isolated
  7. USB host interface, e.g. for a USB stick
  8. LAN interface 10/100 MBit
  9. U- Signal for I/Os
  10. U+ Signal for I/Os
  11. Calls 1-8
  12. Calls 9-16


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Product datasheet

The V-Line displays are currently under development. The technical details of all V-Line displays can be found later in this product datasheet.

Published: 2023-09-14


Many function in this small display

This Video shows our V-Line display with its functional screen design, which includes a tenant overview, multimedia, state of elevator's maintenance, and key switch buttons for your private floors. Its touch function makes it possible to switch between these functions.

Our small V-Line displays

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Tender specifications

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