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For different applications, we offer displays in various designs, equipment and sizes.

Touch-display for elevators

DM-Line touch displays

Our DM-Line touch displays can be used both in the elevator car and in the floors for various applications.

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Open frame displays for elevators

LT-Line displays

Our displays of the LT-Line can be used both in the elevator car and in the floors for various applications.

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mediaplayer Boxed V4 for elevators

Mediaplayer Boxed V4

If a commercial flat screen, TV, an industrial monitor, a digital signage monitor or an outdoor display is to be used as the monitor, we also offer the flexyPage controller in the mediaplayer Boxed V4 version.

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V-Line touch displays

V-Line displays

The (touch-) displays of the V-Line were developed for rear panel mounting. In combination with a metal frame they are also suitable for front mounting.

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High Bright Displays

High brightnesses displays

For some applications very bright displays are needed. Then our high bright displays are used with brightnesses > 1000 cd/m2.

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Stretched displays for elevators

Stretched displays

The extraordinary format of stretched multimedia displays for elevators offers many new uses in elevators and in the floors - used horizontally and vertically.

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Magic mirror displays for elevators

Magic mirror displays

The mirror displays or magic mirror displays are increasingly being used - sometimes as touch screens - because they combine two useful functions: those of a mirror and those of a screen for displaying information, thus forming a meaningful design element in an elevator.

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Demo case with touch display

flexyPage demo case

Our demo case includes a DM-Line 15.6 touch display that can be configured via WiFi. With the help of this demo kit, you can easily test functions and get an impression of the easy operation and the possibilities of the flexyPage system.

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