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Various web-based applications are available for the flexyPage system.

Widgets for elevators


The screen design of the flexyPage displays consists of many small applications - so-called widgets. These each have a specific function, such as the visualization of the speed or of the time.
Widgets can be conveniently dragged and dropped on the screen and sized to suit your application.

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flexyPage Editor

flexyPage displays are equipped with an integrated web-based editor. The configuration of the displays can be done using a current browser from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can easily adjust layout, content or interface parameters.
Content management system for elevators

flexyPage Campaign

flexyPage Campaign is a new, web-based software for the creation, management, planning and publication of advertising campaigns and information for display on multimedia TFT displays even in elevators.

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flexyPage Manager

The flexyPage Manager is a central Internet portal that allows users to access, manage and configure the installed devices easily and securely remotely. Prerequisite is an internet connection for the displays.

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flexyPage Messenger for emergency

flexyPage Messenger

With our flexyPage Messenger we offer a solution to provide elevators with a visual second communication channel for trapped persons with a hearing impairment. 

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