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Hearing impaired emergency call with flexyPage Messenger


In the event of a malfunction with people trapped, elevators are equipped with an emergency call device to a permanently manned location. However, if the trapped persons are hearing impaired, they cannot communicate properly with the control center via the acoustic emergency call devices. With our flexyPage Messenger we offer a solution to provide elevators with a visual second communication channel for trapped persons with a hearing impairment. This function is supported by all flexyPage displays, from 18 cm (7") to 190 cm (75"). The operation can be touch-screen or via external buttons. With our flexyPage displays, you can easily retrofit two-way communication for people with a hearing impairment into existing lifts. 

Two-sense communication with flexyPage Messenger

Two-sense communication with flexyPage Messenger

If an acoustic emergency call is triggered in an elevator, the Messenger widget is automatically activated on the flexyPage display. This widget enables visual communication with those trapped. The emergency call centre can send questions in text form to the trapped persons, who can answer them via external buttons or the touch screen. The flexyPage Messenger allows communication in different languages and the sending of free text. The displays communicate directly with the acoustic emergency call devices. When the emergency call is completed, the display switches back to its original function, as a TFT lift display or as a multimedia display, e.g. in conjunction with flexyPage Campaign. 

Signalling of the connection establishment

Signalling of the connection establishment  

When an emergency call is triggered, the acoustic emergency call devices establish a connection to the control centre and identify themselves there. This may take a while and only then can the call centre be communicated acoustically. The status, whether the connection is currently being established or can already be spoken, is usually only displayed with two small LEDs or pictograms. 

The flexyPage displays can show the status when the connection is established in an understandable way with animated graphics and text. 

select languages

Many languages

Elevator users speak many different languages and flexyPage Messenger also supports unlimited languages. These can be defined by the emergency call centre for each elevator. When establishing a connection, the user can select his language in the elevator and communicate with the control center in that language. 


Free chatting  

The flexyPage Messenger allows you to send free text to the person included, just like a text messenger app. In addition, the Messenger allows you to send possible responses, which the user can easily select or confirm. Text blocks including the possible replies can also be pre-defined in the control panel. 


Video connection

Optionally, the displays can be equipped with a camera that can only be activated from the control centre in the event of an emergency. This enables the control centre to get an exact picture of the trapped persons and to quickly initiate the right emergency measures. 

Logging and interfaces

Logging and interfaces

In connection with the emergency call, it is important that the processing of emergency calls is completely logged in the control centres. The flexyPage Messenger logs all events with status, question, answer and time stamp for later traceability.  

SaaS or local installation

Local und global

The communication between the displays and the servers in the centres is exclusively via web-based protocols. We offer the server software for the emergency call centres both as an SaaS solution and as a local solution, e.g. in your own monitoring centre.  

flexyPage Messenger briefly explained

This video shows how the hearing impaired emergency call works with the flexyPage Messenger and our flexyPage displays

flexyPage Messenger and Campaign

Visual communication is very helpful for trapped persons with a hearing impairment. If an elevator is equipped with a display for two-sense communication, it is useful to use the display for other functions as long as no emergency call is active. 

The flexyPage displays can show all elevator information as well as multimedia or internet data. The integrated Timer+Event system allows flexible switching between different applications and designs. This enables the flexyPage display to be used as a normal TFT elevator display in a new building and to switch to the Messenger application in the event of an emergency call. For easy retrofitting, the elevator can be easily extended with an additional display, which normally shows e.g. information about the building, a tenant directory, messages to the tenants or local advertising and can be used for visual communication in case of an emergency call. Here, the flexyPage Messenger and Campaign applications complement each other ideally. 

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