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Can I use the flexyPage displays in elevators without a CANopen-Lift controller?

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I have an existing elevator and we plan to modernize the car panels only. This elevator is equipped with a ten years old controller which doesn't support the CANopen protocoll. Is it possible to use your displays in this elevator?


Yes, you can use the flexyPage displays in all existing elevators also if the elevator dosen't support the CANopen-Lift standard. 

To provide the necessary signals to display external I/O modules are used, which are offered by many manufacturers and which are connected via the CAN bus. This has the advantage that the I/O-modules can be installed directly in the control cabinet of the lift controller where the signals are available. For the connection to display only two wires for the CAN bus connection are necessary, which are usually available in the traveling cable even when retrofitting existing elevators. Is it necessary to indicate special sensor data on the display such as the current load, the position or the speed of the car you can connect the required sensors directly to the CAN bus too. The following illustration shows the standard assignment of the inputs / outputs.

elevator display standard signals via i/o module