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New flexyPage hardware platform V4

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flexyPage Multimedia Display am Flughafen
In order to meet the ever-increasing demands of the market, our flexyPage products are continuously being developed further. In the course of this, we have developed a new display controller (version V4) in recent months, which completely replaces the previous products.
This new hardware platform incorporates our experience of the past five years. The new display controllers V4 offer some advantages right from the start, such as a smaller installation dimensions, faster boot time and a more powerful audio amplifier. In the future, platform V4 will serve as the basis for all innovations, both software and hardware. In the medium term, the connection via WLAN or LTE will be available for all flexyPage displays. For the devices of the versions V1-V3 we will continue to provide firmware updates for necessary security updates in the coming years.
Some advantages of the new product generation in keywords:
  • flatter design, thus lower installation depth
  • about 70% faster boot time
  • integrated 7W audio amplifier
  • galvanically isolated inputs for discrete signals 24 VDC with common anode or cathode
  • larger internal storage for media files
  • options for WiFi and LTE onboard
  • direct control of displays up to 65 "(via LVDS) and monitors up to 95" (via DVI)
  • industrial hardware in metal housing (boxed version too)
  • guaranteed long-term availability of electronic components
  • hardware platform for future innovations
The article numbers of the new displays start with 'fel4'. They can be used as replacement devices for the previous displays with the article numbers 'fel1' - 'fel3'.
The product data sheets of the flexyPage Displays V4 can be found at:

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