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5 ways to create customer experience for elevator users – with flexyPage displays

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Interactive content and games for elevator users

With flexyPage displays, you can entertain and inform waiting elevator users by providing interactive media like games or surveys related to your building, services or products. Interactive content creates customer experience and engagement. Use your elevator as an additional touchpoint to engage with your customers and to strengthen the overall customer brand experience.

Video Live-Streaming

With flexyPage displays, you can live-stream videos and present them in an appealing design to your customers while they are waiting for the elevator. Inform your customers on interesting, relevant and up-to-date news and topics and enrich the brand experience throughout the whole building.

Advertisement depending on the operating conditions of the elevator

Companies must do well in adapting to changing situations of customer. A unique function of the flexyPage displays is the ability to display any desired information, content, or even advertisement dependent on the (changing) operating condition of the elevator. This is being enabled through various integrated web applications like flexyPage Campaign. In a retail store for example, specific content can be shown to elevator users that are approaching a specific floor level (for example discounts on specific products in the third floor in a shopping mall).

Animated GIFs depending on the elevator position

Imagine you are in a ski resort and want to take the inclined lift to the top of the mountain. In this case, the waiting time can take quite a bit longer. The uncertainty about the arrival of the elevator and the remaining waiting time, makes many people nervous and impatient. The widget PositionImage [animated] was developped to help bridge unpleaseant waiting times and to offer a new way of customer experience around the lift. It shows elevator users the exact position of the elevator car, the distance in meters and, if desired, the speed in real time. This allows elevator users to see exactly where the elevator is and when it will arrive.

Unique screen designs and quick adaptation of your content via the Internet

Design is considered the next step on the path to digital transformation. Companies who focus on design are well known to outperform the competition. In addition, outstanding designs help to make experiences memorable. With the flexyPage Editor you can quickly create unique screen designs according to your own wishes, preferences or corporate identity. The web application flexyPage Campaign makes it possible to plan and rol out advertisement campaigns in a lift on a flexyPage display and to quickly adapt all content via the Internet with any device, from anywhere. With these and many more options, you are far ahead of your competition as you can provide the customer with information that is really relevant to him.


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