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Safety first!

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We, the flexyPage Team, fully agree. Also, that's the reason for the safety applications of flexyPage. Our many flexyPage features make a wide range of applications possible. This includes applications, which make an elevator ride safer!

Safe elevators with flexyPage

Case of fire and interference with trapped persons

Case of Fire and interference with locked persons

You can use our flexyPage display for showing the exact position of the elevator car and the number of locked people during a case of fire or a disruption of the elevator. This is a big support for the fire department or the responsible service personnel. The data comes from the elevator's position and load sensor.

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Firefighter elevators

A flexyPage display can display the situation in or outside the elevator if it is connected to a network camera. A combined display on the main floor makes a look in the driving elevator car possible for the firefighters. Furthermore, this display can show the situations in the anterooms of the several floors during the ride. By this, the firefighters get an overview of the current situation.

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Two-sense communication during an emergency call

With our flexyPage Messenger, we offer a solution to equip elevators with a visual second communication channel for people with hearing impairments who are trapped in the elevator car. The feature is supported by all flexyPage displays, from 18 cm (7") to 14.96 cm (38"). It can be operated via a touch screen or external buttons.

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Rettungsplan im Aufzug

Evacuation and rescue plans

As you already know, our flexyPage displays can display any information, like images, texts, and videos during specific elevator events. In this way, they can also display evacuation and rescue plans. For example, it can be shown when the elevator sends the signal “Case of Fire”. Learn more about this application


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