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Web-Service DiaShow[basic]

The widget DiaShow[basic] can display one or more images. If several images are selected they will be displayed one after another in a freely configurable interval. The transition between two images is animated. The duration of the animation is configurable as well. The presentation can be displayed in full screen or on a widget window. 


DiaShow[basic] has several parameters, which can be flexibly adapted to the user needs:

  • Layout (Padding, border width)
  • Background color and border
  • Background image and how is it displayed
  • Slideshow settings
    • Duration of the interval among slides
    • Speed of the animation
    • Timer and events 


Tips for configuration

In the menu slideshow settings, under upload new image, upload the pictures that should be part of the slideshow. They can be classified as backgrounds, icons, logos and widgets. Note that in the selected images a green border shows up and a small number in the upper-left corner which indicates their order. 

In the same menu, image size, interval and speed can be decided. If a permanent background is needed (e.g. a concrete color, an elaborted frame), this can be set under color, images, fonts. This menu enables you to add a simple background color and border in the respective boxes, or to upload a picture as permanent background image, under Image.

An additional dropdown menu,Timer/Event is located above color, images, fonts. This menu enables the user to set a start and end date and/or a start and end time for the diashow. Additionally, it is possible to link the display of the diashow to concrete events (e.g. MovingUp, MovingDown)


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