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Lift-Buttons and Switches SpecialFunctionButton[basic]

The widget SpecialFunctionButton[basic] provides a button/switch or indicator for various special functions. It can be configured, for example, for setting a lift as out of order or for longer periods of open doors for the loading of the lift. There are three types of duration: active until operated anew (switch function), active for pre-determined period of time (timer function) and active only while being operated (button function).


Adjustable parameters

  • Border color acknowledged/not acknowledged
  • Background color acknowledged/not acknowledged
  • Background image acknowledged/not acknowledged
  • Background image size
  • Padding
  • Docking of widgets left, right, top or bottom
  • Border width acknowledged/not acknowledged
  • Floor
  • PIN Code
  • PIN Code deactivatable on screen
  • Mode (Indicator only, selected while pressed, selected until pressed again, selected for certain time)
  • Special function
  • Text visible


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