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Firmware History

Here you can find some notes and the download links for the published versions of the fpc-01 and fpc-02 flexyPage firmware.

Last published version

2017-06-09 07:48

New functions

  • Floor positions can be adjusted manually after the learning ride
  • Support of the display LQ156M3LW01
  • Support of additional touch controllers
  • Support for the I/Os of fel2A devices
  • The Liftinfo widget displays the special texts in the demo mode of the web editor


  • The Chinese and Persian translation of the web editor has been improved
  • Dialogues in the web editor can be confirmed with the "Enter" key
  • Various translations have been adapted
  • The tooltips have been optimised


  • Texts are displayed correctly in the Chrome browser
  • Unused files are deleted correctly

Known bugs

  • Online updates do not work with proxy server set!
  • The size arrows parameter is not displayed correctly in the web editor when a SVG file is used
  • Timer and events do not work correctly with the video widget yet.

Firmware for the flexyPage Boxed version (fel1A-01A) and OEM fel1A-00A

Firmware for the LT-Line (fel1A-02x), DM-Line (fel1A-05x), TME3-Line (fel1A-03x) and OEM fel1A-00B

Firmware for boxed CAN R3 (fjt2A-01A)

Security risk

No security risk

List of all main versions

To see more details, please click on the respective version number.