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Firmware History

Here you can find some notes and the download links for the published versions of the fpc-01 and fpc-02 flexyPage firmware.

Last published version

2018-01-15 15:47

New functions

  • widget “PositionImage[animated]”
  • widget “DistanceToAdjacentFloors[compact]”
  • widget “DistanceToFloor[digit]”
  • widget “EnergyConsumed[digit]”
  • widget “EnergyFedBack[digit]”
  • widget “PowerSum[bar]”
  • widget “PowerSum[needle]”
  • widget “PowerSum[digit]”
  • widget “ValueConverter[digit]”

Only on fel2X devices :

  • widget “Video[stream]“
  • support of the Zytronic touch sensor (14C8:0003)


  • various optimizations for devices of the type fel1C
  • improved presentation of the date with events

Only on fel2X devices:  

  • events can also be used with videos 


  • an error displaying the download status during firmware updates has been fixed
  • correction of some translations
  • an error concerning the evaluation of the timer / event date has been fixed

Known bugs

  • the size arrows parameter is not displayed correctly in the flexyPage Editor when a SVG file is used


You can determine the required update based on the serial number of your device. The serial number can be found on the back of the device or in the flexyPage Editor under the menu item Maintenance> About.

Note: The update file results from the prefix, eg. for the device with the serial number fel1A-00123 the necessary update file would be fel1A-x. 

Updates for the devices

Please click on the appropriate link to download the update file. 


If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help. 

Security risk

No security risk

List of all main versions

To see more details, please click on the respective version number.