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Digital signage - visitor guiding

flexyPage Displays can not only display elevator information, but also serve as digital signage. They can use as digital signposting system, which can be updated at any time by our software.

displays for airports

For Airports

This digital signage is used optimally at airports, for example. Informations about departures, destinations, terminals and Check-In areas, as well as the logos of airlines can be displayed and changed easily with our flexyPage Editor via Internet or local Intranet. Screen designs can be fit flexible to the corporate identity of the respective application. The manual replacement of signs can be omitted.

rescue plan for elevator displays

Escape and rescue plans

In addition flexyPage displays can also show escape and rescue plans, which appear automatically during determine calls or events.

Werbung auf Video Walls

A lots of space for your advertisement

More and more digital dashboards in the form of large, impressive display walls are used in buildings in which constantly changing communication is necessary for visitors. In office buildings, public buildings, hospitals, or airports – these smart display walls are used everywhere.

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Digital sigange for public parking