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Digital signage - advertising

flexyPage displays are also used in the field of digital signage. They can be used, for example, as dashboards for office buildings, for signage in airports or as an advertising platform

Resident information

Always up to date

A flexyPage dashboard could display actual weather, RSS feeds, refuse collection plans, general dates, advertisement and many more. For example, the property management can inform residents or visitors about events. This content can be set up and maintained easily via the internet and intranet. The same applies to check-in overview at airports.

Special Sizes

For every application a matching display

flexyPage displays can be installed at different places, because of their different sizes. Horizontally, vertically above doors or in the hallway on the ceiling, next to doors - the mounting possibilities are unlimited.

flexypage Campaign

Content management system for elevators  

Common content management systems were developed for the creation and distribution of advertising and news in the standard formats of the monitors. In elevators, very special requirements are placed on the presentation of the content. For these applications, flexyPage Campaign provides a CMS that can also display the content depending on destinations or door status.