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CEF-Line monitors

The touch monitors of the CEF-Line have been developed for front mounting.

Touch monitors for elevators CEF-Line
Close up edge CEF line monitor

Safely installed

To protect the display, the glass is surrounded by a circumferential aluminum edge. The protection class of the front is IP65.

Side view LT-Line lift display


In order to cope with the cramped installation situations in elevators, the installation depth of all CEF-Line monitors is less than 50 mm. The aluminum frame measures 7 mm.

Connections CEF-Line


The monitors are supplied with 24 VDC. The display is controlled via HDMI or DVI and the touch sensor via USB. The functionality for use in elevators ensures the flexyPage display controllers safety, e.g. Boxed CAN R3.

Control with the display controller Boxed


The flexyPage display controllers boxed are ready for controlling the touch monitors. They provide all the functionality for use in an elevator or as a digital signage display.

Product datasheet TFT-Touch-Monitore CEF-Line

Product datasheet

You can find all technical details of the CEF-Line in the product datasheet.

Link to product datasheet >>


Available sizes

Display size 10,4" (26,4 cm)
12,1" (30,7 cm)
15,6" (39,6 cm)
Housing dimension (H x W x D) 213.2 x 266 x 52.4 mm 315 x 217 x 55 mm 403.2 x 252.6 x 52.4 mm
Resolution 1024 x 768 Pixel 1280 x 800 Pixel 1920 x 1080 Pixel
Viewing angle v 176° / h 176° v 160° / h 160° v 170° / h 170°
Brightness 350 cd/m² 400 cd/m² 400 cd/m²
Protection class IP65 (IP20 rear) IP65 (IP20 rear) IP65 (IP20 rear)
Technical documentation PDF   PDF


Display size 18,5" (47,0 cm)
  21,5" (54,6 cm)
Housing dimension (H x W x D) 468 x 289 x 55 mm   535.7 x 327.2 x 54.4 mm
Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixel   1920 x 1080 px
Viewing Angle v 170° / h 170°   v 178° / h 178°
Brightness 400 cd/m²   250 cd/m²
Protection class IP65 (IP20 rear)   IP65 (IP20 rear)
Technical documentation     PDF